Monday, 10 January 2011

Where’s My Hairbrush?


Elizabeth [French Village Life] has just emailed me this photograph of the two of us after breakfast last Thursday. I really did enjoy the brief stopover she and her husband made here – and really hope Bob and I can pay them a visit sometime.

Her husband took this picture. In the picture Bob took, my hair looks even more of a mess [why was everyone too polite to mention it ?!]

But isn’t it just lovely to meet up with friends? Relationships are far more important than appearances!


  1. I think it is a lovely photograph!
    Jane x

  2. You are so right!....and you both look lovely!

  3. Stopping by from Elizabeth's blog. I've so enjoyed meeting blog friends, too!

  4. You are absolutely right! Good friends don't notice appearances and you certainly have one in Elizabeth.

  5. You don't look a mess to me! I have a draw full of currently redundant hairbrushes should you want one....!


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