Monday, 17 January 2011

Signs Of Spring


Just as my first Christmas hyacinth plant began to be ‘past its best’ – my next set – in this great little wooden box -  started to blossom. More fragrant pink blooms – and some golden narcissus behind them. These are the ones ElizabethD and her husband kindly gave me when they visited a fortnight ago. I am so glad that the flowers have bloomed – and that the marvels of the Internet means I can post this picture for her to enjoy their beauty too.


  1. this is just what i needed today :o)

    congratulations on your post below, it was very good. i did comment on it on mags blog.

    warmest wishes


  2. Aren't they lovely! Thank you for showing me.

  3. Those are so beautiful!

    Hmmm...I work in a doctor's office and the window behind me is huge. Plants really thrive there. I think I will have to get myself some bulbs and force some spring-y flowers. With all the snow we've had, I could use a little pink and yellow!

  4. A taste of spring on a very cold winter's day.
    Thank you!
    Jane x

  5. I have one blue beauty emerging- just in time for the end of Willows, I think! Spring on the river- minus the river!

  6. They are beautiful. I wish I had some signs of spring around here. We are getting another snowstorm tonight!


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