Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It’s Mr Incredible!

The Year Ones are studying the topic of “Superheroes” – so in my continuing mission to declutter, I donated a couple of large [36” high] cardboard cut-outs which had been lurking in the garage loft.

Two of these…


They should add a bit of oomph to the class displays! I cannot remember where we got them, and it is time they found a purpose and a home somewhere else.

“Miss” said one child when I was supply cover last week “I cannot find anything about superheroes on the internet”

I checked, and realised he had typed this into the search engine…


…no wonder he was having problems!

What I hadn't realised until now is that Mr Incredible’s first name is Bob  - how have I missed that? One of the kids actually said “Is your Bob a Mr Incredible, then, Miss?” “Oh Yes!!” I replied “Most definitely”

According to the website, his primary characteristic is Strength

I am the exact opposite of Elastigirl – whose primary quality is listed as Flexibility. Today I feel really stiff and achey all over.


Mind you, both he and she claim the secondary characteristics of “Agility, Durability and Leaping Ability” We may be durable, but ‘agile and with leaping abilities’? Never!

I am pleased to report, however, that Bob has been out round the village on his bicycle today – getting good use from his Christmas present now the weather is a little better.


  1. I could use some of her elasticity, too! Frankly, these days I'm not just stiff in the morning...I almost creek.
    I bet the kids will really love their "soopaheroz"!
    BTW, don't feel bad. When my youngest was about 11 I asked if he could a)spell is name in full and b)what his middle name was. He had been "Nicky" or "Nick" all his life so had never really bothered to figure out "Nicholas Joseph." Seems silly now (he's 20) but you never do stop to think how kids hear and remember things! Soopaheroz makes sense to me, LOL!

  2. I like the idea of considering ourselves and are other half's as superheros, I think Damien would have to be Mr Calm & me Mrs Laughter

  3. I don't believe this- on the way home just today the suns asked if Dad was Mr Incredible because he was quite tough. (!) And then they wondered what it would be like if I was Elastcgirl. They said I could use my long arms to get them if they were being bad. Not a terribly optimistic picture of domestic life in Strawberry Land.

  4. I keep meaning to sign up for yoga so I can be Elastcgirl. I keep hoping it's not too late!



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