Saturday, 8 January 2011


Back in September I posted a teaser about some of the Christmas gifts I was making…


The cardboard was for stiffening the covers


of the mini recipe books


containing my favourite ‘Magic Pudding’ recipes

[here and here and here and here]


which I gave as Christmas presents to various friends and family members.

Some of the mini books went into baking dishes


[along with an apron, oven glove, or potholder] I hope they enjoy baking warm comfort food on cold wintry days!

The recipes came, in one way or another, via the internet – which makes them iPuds, I guess. The motif on the front of the mini-book was created using one of the built-in designs on my Janome Embroidery machine [I changed the colours and added simple text] I have already had some lovely thank-you notes from the recipients. The inner pages of each book simply needed one sheet of A4, printed on both sides, cut into three, folded and stitched together.


  1. Well, I shall treasure the one you so kindly sent me. I'm going to make one of the delicious puddings soon (and ignore the , um, slight weight gain from Christmas!)

  2. That's gorgeous! You're so clever.

    Re your questions: Blackpool - not sure yet, but would be nice
    Northampton - Yes! (Reminds me I need to pay up and make sure it's written on my calendar!!)

  3. What a clever idea. They look really lovely. I'm sure the recipients were thrilled. Well done.


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