Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easter Sunday Collage

Some pictures from Easter Sunday … [I hope that if you click on the collage, you will get a larger view]

easter kmfc 2013

Preparing the Church Hall for the Easter Breakfast, and then later on in the morning, our first “Cafe Church”.  Pictures before, during and after the Service, the Children’s Craft activities, and the Easter cards on the mantelpiece at home. Top left is Saturday [Bob fixing PA cables] bottom right is Sunday [Bob playing guitar with Worship Group]

No photos of my grey wool trilby [far too cold for an Easter Bonnet] or the snow lining the roads in Rutland as we drove over to Cornerstones late Sunday night. No photos [sorry] of Moira and Janet making porridge in the church kitchen – or David cooking kippers on his BBQ in the lobby – or the hundreds of cakes which people brought to share at Cafe Church! Thank you everyone for your contributions to the celebrations. [and well done to the Oxford Crew for winning the Boat Race]

It was one amazing day…lots of visitors, lots of cake, lots of music…and lots of Easter Joy.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous Sunday of worship. We have cafe-style worship in a very relaxed and informal manner every Sunday and it suits our congregation very much.


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