Saturday, 6 April 2013

Seals And Scrabble

We have not enjoyed good health this holiday. Liz arrived with a streaming cold on Monday, then Jon was sick Monday night. Wednesday evening Bob felt awful and retired to bed before we had finished our meal, then Thursday morning Liz and I both suffered violent vomiting bouts…But at least we were in our own warm place, with much love and attention being lavished upon us by whichever family members were well on the day we were sick.


Yesterday was Jon’s birthday – and the pair of them had originally planned to cycle up to Morston [near Wells] on Thursday night, where they were to stay in a cottage owned by the people who organise the seal-watching trips to Blakeney Point. Liz was not up to cycling and Jon wisely cancelled the cottage. Full marks to Temples Seal Trips who did not charge, even through the cancellation was so late. We drove them up to the coast at midday Friday, then pottered around North Norfolk. In Holt we bumped into my cousins Daphne and Cliff, on holiday from Gorleston. I had not seen them for a couple of years, so that was a lovely surprise. No time to chat though, as their bus arrived.


Back to collect J&L who had enjoyed a brilliant time on the boat, and then on to Wells. We had a snack on The Albatros [the Dutch boat moored at the quayside]and like our last visit, it was busy, so we shared a table. This time with three young people, Joe, Georgia and Will. They were playing Scrabble with the ‘on board’ set. We decided it was Dutch Scrabble, as it had 3 Zs and way too many Es, Gs and Js! But it was enormous fun and they kept turning their racks towards us asking for word suggestions. Thanks guys – it was so much fun


We were just about to leave when someone at the next table said “Hello Bob!” and it was Janet from our village back in Leicestershire [she’s a member of the Parish Church] She and her family are also on holiday in Norfolk this week.

I just love it when you meet family and friends in unexpected places!


  1. We hope you're all feeling much better and are now fully enjoying the rest and the rest of the week x Mattman and I have been playing Scrabble. He is attributing his wins to his new lucky coin. We clearly need a big dose of Leviticus and other soundness!

  2. I do hope you are all feeling better, being ill is one thing but being ill on holiday is just not fair.
    Jane x

    1. We are all quite a lot better now, thank you. But poor Liz has suffered all week, and is due back at work Monday morning.


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