Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pegged Out

Four years ago, when we first got Cornerstones, I needed a peg bag. Bob spotted this Brabantia one in the Lakeland store in Norwich

pagbag2But I decided it was too much money, so made my own insteadpegbag1

Now I have a new rotary dryer here in Leicestershire, I thought I should have a new peg bag. I had one small bit of camouflage fabric left over after my pupil had made her bag. I’d got some green curtain fabric to make the base and an appliqué gecko. I traced the gecko from the dryer cover onto some greaseproof paper.


A shoelace, a carabiner clip, some twill tape, and a toggle along with some mesh fabric were all I needed to complete my project




Roll on lots of warm sunny “Drying Days” – I am ready to Peg Out in style.


  1. All you need now is the sunshine!

  2. Fancy! I use a bag that was given away with something I can't remember..whilst clearing out a cupboard I found another one, so I have a spare.
    Jane x

  3. I really never will cease to be amazed...

  4. Wow, you are clever - co-ordinating peg bag! Very snazzy.
    Love from Mum


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