Saturday, 6 April 2013

Life In the Fast Lane

logoBob and I got up feeling much better – but Liz was still a bit under the weather. We agreed to leave them to take their time and do their own thing- whilst Bob and I would go out together for the day.

My husband never ceases to surprise me- he took me motor racing! We went to the Snetterton Circuit, just south of here, off the A11[the road which you can see at the top of this aerial shot]

 snetterton aerial view

This weekend was The Motor Sport Vision Racing Club Car Championships [website here]The circuit was an RAF airfield 70 years ago, then after the war became a testing track for Lotus. Now owned by MSVR, two years ago it was completely redesigned


We spent most of the day at the elevated viewing area between Palmer and Riches, where we could see plenty of racing. As the website said  “Breathtaking saloon and sportscar action from Lotus Cup UK, Elise Trophy, MINI Challenge, Radical Clubman's Cup, Radical SR3 Challenge, Marangoni Production BMW Championship and Project 8 Racing Saloons.”

I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed myself, jumping up and down with glee when cars overtook, and grinning at the banal remarks of the guy doing the commentary [More like the ‘Sunday School Sports’ than F1’s Murray Walker or David Coulthard]


It was a whole new world for me – I never knew Marangoni were tyres! The whole place was really family friendly, and I was impressed by the accessibility [including dedicated areas for disabled parking and viewing] and the quality [and quantity] of the loos. The Restaurant served massive pasties and delicious hot chips at a fair price [and lots of other good looking food too]


You could walk round the cars as they were being prepared, and there was loads to see. People were incredibly friendly and the atmosphere was good. It was clear that for many, racing is a family affair- and all generations were involved [the tiny tot beside me kept yelling “Uncle Lee is coming up very fast!”] The nearby campsite is free for racegoers, and I felt the tickets were not overpriced [children under 12 go free, there are OAP concessions – and general day tickets are £10 if booked in advance or £13 at the gate] The weather was bright and sunny and not too cold or windy, so all in all we had a great time. Bob was particularly taken with this Ford Capri.


I’d happily do this again [but next time, please can I get to ride in a Lotus do you think?!]


We got home to find Liz and Jon just home after doing a 24 mile cycle ride. All in all a good day for everyone!

snetterton april 2013


  1. What a different, and fascinating day.
    Glad you are feeling better after the nasty bug.

  2. I've been to racing at Brands Hatch and had the same experience. If you haven't been to stock car racing I recommend you try that next - also brilliant fun!

  3. Oh how wonderful! My mum and Stepdad always used to go to motor-racing when I was young and it sounded like such great fun!!!x

  4. You have discovered my passion! Mark and I spend a lot of time at race circuits through each summer. It's a great, friendly way to spend a day outside. If you find yourself repeating the day, look out for a dark silver Marcos in the 'in-field'. We shouldn't be far away! Jx


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