Tuesday, 16 April 2013

No Cheers This Morning

Here are my keys- I use them almost every day. House keys, car key, bike padlock…plus a Swiss Army knife and a ‘trolley token’


…and a very worn red key fob,a treasured souvenir of our Silver Wedding Trip to the USA in 2004 with Liz and Steph. I bought it from the ‘Cheers Bar’ in Boston – the four of us had a fabulous day in that fine city. The Cheers Bar is only a few streets from Boylston Street, where yesterday’s bombing took place.


And today, as I pick up my keys, my heart is aching for all those affected by those bombs…that father who crossed the finish line, and briefly hugged his family…minutes before they were caught up in the explosion that took the life of his son…those people enjoying a day of holiday and celebration, which ended with horrifying, life changing injuries. In a moment, the cheers of celebration turned into screams of pain.

Father, may the people of Boston know your comfort today

give your peace to the bereaved

give your healing to the injured

give your skill to the surgeons

give your wisdom to those in authority

give your grace to all


  1. Boston has a huge place in our hearts as we had the best holiday ever there and stayed in the Copley Plaza. It broke my heart trying to explain this to the boys this morning

  2. Thank you for your post today. These events have affected all of us.


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