Thursday, 4 April 2013

Le Pain Quotidien

paul_hollywood1 Alison Graham said in a recent Radio Times, as she was reviewing the last programme  “The Beowulf of Bread, Paul Hollywood, goes continental and makes a baguette or, as he prefers, ‘one of the most iconic breads in the world’.

His baguettes look nothing like the ones you buy in the shops that, says Hollywood, are ‘the colour of clouds, they are too white’. His own baguettes are bronzed and lovely. Very much like Hollywood himself.”

Since Bob mentioned his own attempts at breadmaking in church the other week, a friend has generously given him a copy of the book of the new TV series [thanks!] So yesterday Bob made baguettes!


They were amazing!! Bob cooked them in a proper baguette tray [£7.99 from Clas Ohlsen in Norwich. Lakeland also sell them for £9.99] I am concerned that all this fabulous bread is going to play havoc with my attempts to maintain a healthy weight.


  1. Wow, they look gorgeous.
    I like Mr Hollywood's no-nonsense approach to baking bread, being a down to earth Northerner. You can see his passion for bread but there's no faffing about. He's obviously convinced that everyone could and should bake their own.
    Mind you, those amazing blue eyes are quite fetching too!

  2. They're perfect! Kudos to Bob. I've never attempted a baguette. :)

    Did he use something to produce steam in the oven?

  3. Oh but the weight gain will be worth it!

  4. Wow! Those are beautiful. I make baguettes and while they are the proper color, they are not as beautiful looking as Bob's!

  5. I'm revisiting this post; my original comment didn't go through. I'm in agreement, I like a sturdy, hefty even, darkish loaf of bread. That white fluffy stuff doesn't work for me. He and I make similar bread; bet we enjoy it greatly -smile-


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