Monday, 22 April 2013

Rustic Charm

Last week I popped over to see Sandie’s new patch [she blogs here] Having just moved, she has been sorting and decluttering, and has kindly donated some bits and pieces for the Sewing Club at our church. One girl’s trash is another’s treasure. Thanks Sandie for thinking of us!

This spurred me on to doing some more sorting of my own – and I finally got round to emptying a toffee tin full of assorted buttons – trying very hard to get all my vast collection sorted by colour. This tin has been sitting in the cupboard for a while.


Outside it’s fairly uninspiring- but just look at the inside of the lid!


Most of the buttons were loose – but I found this little card inside with a length of darning wool and a spare button, clearly from a gent’s cardigan.


I cannot track down “Prince Igor” as a maker of knitwear [there are a lot of vintage 60’s/70’s Italian ties under that name on eBay – but that can’t be the same company. Italy was never part of our Empire]

I love the way it is labelled

“For your convenience!”

Somebody else clearly shares my fondness for !!!

What happened to the cardi? and why do we keep the spare button, safely on its card with the darning wool, long after the garment has gone from the wardrobe? I really should put the brown button in the jar with the others and discard the card and wool – but not just yet…

[Bob despairs of me, and is threatening to contact Stelios Kiosses from “The Hoarder Next Door”]


  1. You've only got a mild case of button hoarding. My mother has a drawer full, all sorted by colour and size, mostly in mustard jars. I know some are older than I am!

  2. You have to admit that you would be amazing on telly! And you have had much media experience by now!!

    1. If I let the TV cameras into the recesses of my home, I think I would lose all credibility. All my 'media experience' has been on radio. I have the right face and fashion sense for radio!


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