Saturday, 20 April 2013

Style And Simplicity…

I have boxes and boxes of dress patterns and knitting patterns. Last week, I saw an idea on Lazy Daisy’s blog for organising them. It was such an obvious thought too – store them in filing drawers, just like they do in the fabric shops.

contico unit

For more than ten years, I have had two sets of Contico drawers like this [mine are white plastic] stacked one above the other in the spare bedroom.  Full of random school worksheets, old birthday cards, A4 sized sheets of coloured paper, and other stuff. I seriously decluttered the drawers, and then re-assembled them. I made one unit with 4 deep drawers and one with 4 shallow drawers.

The remaining papers etc. all fitted neatly into the shallow drawers, and I put my sewing patterns into the bottom three deep drawers. The top deep drawer contains my knitting patterns. These have been filed those ‘display pocket’ folders. Just like they do in Button Boutique and other Proper Wool Shops


These are some of my ‘vintage’ knitting patterns- there are contemporary designs in there too!


The drawers needed something to prettify their translucent fronts, and in the declutter I found a 2004 Cath Kidston catalogue, so I trimmed a few pages from that and slipped them inside.


And now I have these


Holding Simplicity, Style, Butterick, Prima and even the odd Vogue pattern, neatly sorted – babywear, children, menswear, home goods, toys, and womenswear…


Isn’t that neat?


  1. I'm impressed - very neat!

  2. Morning Angela

    You are not doing my purse any good but a wonderful idea. I had already in mind to purchase two sets of drawers from Wilkinsons at the end of the month to pop all my general needlework stuff into so that it is organised and I can find it when I want it.I already use Lever Arch files with plastic inserts in to store knitting patterns and crotchet patterns, but the rest. I too have a problem with other patterns i.e. sewing, crothchet cut out articles from magazine stored for posterity or until a rainy day when I am looking for something different to do and this will very much fit the bill as I want to create a proper storage system for my craft stuff which is pretty extensive.

    Thank you for that now will have to rush

    Catch up soon



  3. I use that type of chest of drawers for my yarn stash...the cats think it is a toy box.
    Jane x

  4. Oh jealousy. I've been cleaning floors all morning. Sigh!

  5. GREAT idea! You must show us something you've knitted!

  6. Very organised.
    Love from Mum

  7. Oh how lovely that you have the pretty cath kidston showing have been a very busy bee all that organising...I must do some too.
    Thank you for the link...
    bestest to you and yours
    Daisy j


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