Monday, 15 April 2013

Tokens Of Affection

What a lovely day! We went into Leicester so that I could spend my birthday gift tokens. The city was fairly busy.

The pavement artist was out in Leicester – I am glad it was bright and dry today – the rainy weather must have been annoying for him. Having made a donation I took a few pictures. I think he is good!


Top of my shopping list was a new winter coat – last time I had a new one was 1997 . I revamped it two years ago [here] but it has worn very thin and even torn in places. I felt it really was beyond the point of wearing for ‘smart’ occasions anymore.

I had some John Lewis vouchers, so we began there. Bob found a superb black wool funnel neck coat for me hanging on the sale rail– half price! I don’t expect to wear it very much now the weather is warming up - but it definitely ticks almost all the boxes, and will be great come the cooler weather. Steph had suggested not buying black or navy, and going for something bright- but sadly there was nothing on offer other than black or camel. [Apart from a rather attractive size 22 scarlet red coat. But that was WAY too big!]

purse outside


Then onto Accessorize, to spend those vouchers on a new purse. My existing one has split, and I keep scattering pennies hither and thither. It has a zip section for cash and the ‘heart turnlock’ opens to reveal a section with cardholders. The lining is really pretty too.

amy butler rain jacket

My other ‘treat’ in the John Lewis Sale was an Amy Butler pattern. I am not sure when I shall get round to making myself this little rain jacket, but I liked the shape and it seemed a useful sort of garment.

Gift tokens are so lovely – you get to choose exactly what you would like. Thank you to all my family for my birthday gifts which have given me great pleasure.

banettonBob’s hunt for a banetton for his breadmaking proved unsuccessful, but Liz has said that she has one which he can borrow.

We came home for lunch, as he had to knead his fougasse!


  1. The street artist gets my vote, I love Vermeer!
    You did well in your purchases.I'm glad to hear you bought a new birthday coat because a new birthday suit just doesn't sound the same!
    Jane x

    1. My old birthday suit will just have to do!

  2. Well done finding a coat in the sales, they never seem to have my size.

    My husband got his bread banettons (an oval and a round) from and has been very pleased with them. He also purchased a couch cloth mainly for shaping his ciabattas. As the couch cloth is linen I did wonder if ordinary linen cloth would be just as good but this is much thicker. The results are certainly good although slight disaster this week as the sourdough starter didn't work but fortunately he had frozen some a few weeks ago which is now bubbling happily in the kitchen.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation for BakeryBits.
      I didn't realise you could freeze sourdough starter - thanks for that tip too!

  3. I am glad you had a lovely day! Can't wait to see the coat (and hat together!). The purse is darling- what a sweet lock for it! Gift tokens are always so exciting aren't they!

  4. I bet your coat is pretty! It's snowing here. So much for spring.
    Oh, I love the chalk pictures! Like Mary Poppins!

  5. What a lovely bag, that was a real find. Your coat sounds lovely too.


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