Friday, 5 April 2013

It Says In the Book Of Leviticus…

When there is mildew on fabric, whether wool or linen, or on any piece of cloth or leather … it must be shown to the priest [Leviticus 13]

DSCF5337So I showed Bob, and confessed my error – as we were leaving Cornerstones after a previous visit, I spotted a dirty tea towel in the kitchen – and thoughtlessly dropped it in the laundry bin. On our return, there was a nasty mouldy patch.


However, I discovered that my round IKEA tray was exactly the same size as the bottom of the bin. So I used it to cut out a piece of fabric. This is a bit of green blackout curtain [Marion originally got this to make caravan curtains.Thanks M] 

DSCF5339I folded the bin flat, I cut out the mouldy circle of fabric then I pinned the circle in place, [it is kept in place by a spiral spring, but there are two ‘toggle-and-loop’ fastenings so you can keep it flat]

DSCF5340I stitched from the inside round the edges of the hole. This proved difficult- the spring kept trying to expand, and so I was squeezing it flat, and manoeuvring the fabric and trying to stitch in a circle all at once!

DSCF5341[you need three hands here]Then on the underside, I trimmed the surplus fabric [clearly not such a neat circle now!]But inside the bin is fresh and clean, and because it is blackout fabric, the white side is plasticised.

I hope this will reduce any future problems. I showed Bob the refurbished bin, and he declared it “fit for purpose”, so I feel all Levitical Obligations have been duly dealt with!


  1. I am so impressed, firstly by the bin and also the reference to Leviticus. I love hearing the Bible brought in to everyday. Thank you. WS xxx

  2. I'm glad that I went with plastic laundry bins now!
    Jane x

  3. Great make do and mend! I had a small amount of mildew on the seat covers in the conservatory, due to turning the dehumidifier and oil filled radiator off, so did a repair to those. Luckily most of it washed out, and it hadn't gone through to the other side so I was able to turn the fabric. The upside to it was that I saved a small fortune in electricity.

  4. I could just see you wrestling away while stitching, wishing for that third hand. :)

    How amazingly detailed the Mosaic Law is.


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