Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pedal Power


The utility room at Cornerstones is currently a bicycle storage unit! As Mr Darcy my knee surgeon said I could ride Hannah once the snow had melted “Providing you wear a helmet” he suggested “and it will be good exercise for your knee” So we put her, and Bob’s bike on the roof rack on Sunday night. On Monday we collected Liz & Jon and their bikes from Norwich Station.

Today we decided to ride into Dereham – this is just under 3 miles. This is my first cycle ride since the op. Liz is getting a heavy cold, and Bob appears to be incubating one. We are not the fittest family!


But we managed the journey in, chaining up our bikes in the market place. We pottered around the shops [and bought up Boots supply of Cold Remedies] and had a coffee. It was bright and sunny, but cold. Liz and Jon set off ahead of us to come back [she was preparing chicken soup for our evening meal] Bob and I left at 3pm, and I managed about ¾mile of the journey home. Then my knee started aching terribly – there was a really strong wind blowing in our faces, and I was struggling to keep pedalling. I got off and walked, while Bob went on ahead and came back to rescue me [and bike] in the car! Everyone was really sympathetic and agreed the wind had not been in our favour. I had a lovely hot bath to relax my aching limbs.

Jon decided to go out for a longer ride by himself – and ended up phoning to say he had more punctures than spare inner tubes, and could he be rescued, please! Despite the unsatisfactory return trip, I really did enjoy being on the bike this afternoon, and will try and get more rides in before we return on Monday morning.


  1. That ride was rather ambitious for a first attempt!
    Jane x

  2. I love cycle rides! man, if only I could persuade myself out of the house to freeze in the wind!!!!x


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