Saturday 15 May 2010

Bad Hair Day?

new LG phone

We just went into town to get the phone. On the bike [because it is quicker and parking is free] I got my new LG phone [under £10 in the Carphone Warehouse!]

Bob bought two large buckets [for the Family Service] Unfortunately they did not fit into the panniers or the top box. So...


Apparently at least one person took a photo on their mobile phone!

I have to say the journey home was scary - but only because I was convinced that a million insects would be attracted to the yellow colour and zoom inside. [Actually only one fly managed it] The worst part was the magnification of the engine and road noise.

Not knowing where I was/being unable to see the road didn't really phase me - I have implicit trust in the bloke in the driving seat. [There's a sermon illustration in that somewhere.]


  1. Ha ha ha, I would have took a photo too. You are too funny, but glad that you got a new phone

  2. I wonder what would have happened if the police had come along!! I suppose you could just say it was your choice of headgear?

  3. I DID have my crash helmet on underneath!!

  4. LOL You look like Darth Angela in that bucket... is it chosen to match Bob's C3PO mask from a few weeks back?!

  5. Was that one of the things on your bucket list? I've enjoyed catching up on all your posts!! Love your sense of humor and enjoyment of life. God bless!!


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