Saturday 8 May 2010

Tea With Hilary [but not Cider With Rosie!]

Off to Chalford in Gloucestershire today for the Induction Service for our good friend Martin. Our journey went well, and we texted friends in the other car to ask how they were getting on "We are at the top of the hill" came the reply - which intrigued us, as we had no idea to  which hill they referred.


Then we arrived - and realised they meant Chalford Hill, adjacent to the church! Chalford is in the next valley to Slad, home of poet Laurie Lee. Nearby villages were signposted The Camp and The Scrubs and Honeycombe - we were greatly amused by this.


It was really picturesque, and we could understand why Martin and Hilary were pleased to be there - he was a farmer prior to entering ministry and has done 9 years in an urban setting in Doncaster - so will be pleased to get back to rural life.

Thirteen of us went from KMFC to this beautiful little chapel


Set on a hill, there was a beautiful view across the valley [no I don't know why I didn't take a picture of that, I really should have done!] Here are pictures from the internet of Chalford village and valley


chalford2 Hilary was thrilled to have all her family [parents, sisters, children and grandchildren] present. Here she is sitting in front of 'our' row

[not sure who the clergy-lady is though - she wasn't in our group]


The service went well, and the Chalford people kindly presented the Doncaster people with a painting of their church - to remind them that they would be praying for them as they seek a new Pastor, and to remind the Doncaster folk to go on praying for Martin and Hilary.


Bob preached on Jethro's advice to Moses in Exodus 18. Martin seemed to be enjoying the day!

DSCF0026  The young lady pictured with the tea tray had played the drums in the Worship Group.

She told me it was her first time playing in a service, and she had so far only had 10 lessons!

I thought she was very brave to begin on such a special occasion, and she had done well.

The food served in the Church Hall was utterly splendid, and we all enjoyed the feast!


May God bless Martin, Hilary [and Josh] as they settle into this new ministry, and give them much encouragement with their new flock!


  1. Oh, what a lovely post about this church on a hill. What a blessing!

  2. PS we really must exchange emails!!

  3. Ok, this is officially bizarre - this is Andy's old church, his parents still go there! He almost went up himself to this very service but too tired after the weekend!!

    Was sorry not to chat longer but was lovely to meet you, unfortunately I had someone to meet after the Connexion bit and then needed emergency rest time before the evening. Thanks for clapping!! xx


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