Saturday 29 May 2010

Not Your Average Church Picnic!

Don't expect a post from me today - I am going [with over 3 dozen other people from KMFC] to this event. We 're all meeting up on site to picnic together then will disperse to the various events which are happening. Some expected to be louder than others.


It is at Stanford Hall near Loughborough [but also in Sussex on Sunday and Monday] S.H. looks like a great venue! [but I don't think we actually get into the stately home, just the grounds]

sdtanford hall loughboro

Hoping for lots of good fun, food, fellowship, worship ...and good weather!

I've been trying to work out the first time I heard Graham Kendrick was around 1970/1971 I think - alongside Judy Mackenzie, at the Albert Hall. He is 60 this year!

What I can't remember is if he played at the Woodenstocks One Day Christian Music Festival in 1970, which was the forerunner of Greenbelt. It was called Woodenstocks partly as a pun on Woodstock, and also because it was held on the village green at Havering-atte-Bower in Essex, by the old stocks. Does anyone else out there remember that amazing event? Back then I was a proper 1970s hippy chick in my smock and my love beads!

At Big Church Day Out I shall wear comfortable shoes and a sunhat. The years have brought a little wisdom, along with the grey hairs and middle aged spread.


  1. Hope its better weather than ours, it's pouring today.
    I went to a couple of Greenbelts, but dont remember the Woodenstock ones.

  2. This looks like fun! I wish I could go. :)


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