Tuesday 4 May 2010

Multi-Tasking Tuesday

The sun was shining this morning and I was pleased to put washing outside on the line before school. I did one hour's teaching then off on the Park'n'Ride into Leicester to buy fabric for play costumes.  The man on the market stall selling fabric was helpful as ever and I got what I needed.

Met up with Bob briefly for a drink and salad at Cafe Roma [they do make exceedingly good mochas!] and then back home for some admin and then off to the Ladies Fellowship.


Our speaker was Pam Levens of the Leprosy Mission. She came six months ago to another group [see here] and was such an inspiring speaker, so I booked her then and there for this meeting, She has just returned from a Field Trip to see the work of LM in India - and was equally good this time. Her love for people is rooted in her love for Jesus and it shows in her face.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and she takes time to listen to people - she sat for a while with Maisie and talked with her about the work Elizabeth is doing in India with genuine interest.

Bless you, Pam, for all you do!

Bob called in at the end of the meeting to update the ladies on news of one of our friends who has been in hospital - then he went off again to do more pastoral visiting. No idea when he will be back! I shall continue sewing play costumes then prepare the meal when he returns [unless he is late, and I leave for Housegroup first!]

Having watched Pam's presentation about people disabled by Leprosy I am very grateful to God for hands that can sew and cook and do washing and write and type and drive. It is too easy for us to take these things for granted.

Do check out the Leprosy Mission website [here] and find out more for yourself.

I am going off to do other things now!


  1. Sha looks a lady who is full of joy. What an interesting speaker she must have been.

  2. It is always wonderful when people speak from the heart, I find it so inspiring

  3. She looks lovely :)
    Oh and Angela where do you get your energy from? Can you bottle a bit & send it over please!


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