Monday 24 May 2010

I Saw This...

...and immediately thought of my beloved


"Odd Job Bob" is such a wonderful title. If I were rich, I'd buy MY Bob a little van like this to transport all his stuff about. Although I'd have to modify the description a little.

How about

  • husband and homebuilder
  • PA, PC and multimedia expertise
  • spiritual maintenance

Apparently Bob is currently doing some sort of caption thing on his Facebook page [I am not into Facebook so cannot verify this]


  1. I love that name! My husband, Dan had friends that used to call him, "Do it all, Dan" because he was always willing to help.

  2. Thanks for the comment Terri - hope Emily's arm is healing well. Tell her to be careful not to do it again, or she'll be named ER Emily!!!

  3. Ah, but what would your van say? What snappy phrase can one come up for Angela? "Angela--She'll Manage Ya." Hmmmm ... not quite spot on ...



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