Thursday 6 May 2010

What's In A Name?

OK, I am used to people occasionally confusing my surname and calling me Mrs Arnold. In school, I am sometimes Mrs Armour. I usually say "It's ALMOND like the nut" [and people somehow seem to remember after that!]

In bright seraphic moments, I have seen my Christian name on printed lists as Angel - and I quite like that.

But my pre-ordered ticket for next week's Christian resources exhibition has just arrived. I have never been called this before


but NAGEL??????

I checked this out - maybe the good people in the ticket department think I was named after the Nagel municipality in the district of Wunsiedel in Bavaria in Germany

thomas nagel Or perhaps after Thomas Nagel the philosopher who developed the theory of Moral Luck [left]

Or maybe [mis-spelt] after Franz Nagele [ the German Obstetrician who devised the way of calculating the date of a baby's birth


anomaloscope2 Or after Nagel the opthalmologist who devised an anomaloscope for testing colour-blindness.

Or perhaps the ticket-issuer was thinking about breakfast and mis-typed bagel?


For the record, my name is ANGELA - given to me by my parents when I was born on Easter Sunday morning [many, many years ago!] in the prayer that I would grow up to share their faith, and be a messenger of the Good News of the Resurrection!

Now all I have to do is work out the neatest way of amending the ticket...


  1. Dear Nagel, you may find that as with an airline ticket, if your name deviates from the real one you wont be allowed in!!

  2. Try having the last name Grace. No one gets it right and it can be quite frustrating. :)

  3. This had me in stiches, you will now nad forever be Nagel!

  4. You know my surname - well, I was once addressed as 'Mrs Hell' on an order from a shop. Whatever next?

  5. Love the name Angela - that's what we called our daughter 42 yrs. ago. She is often referred to as Ang, but I've never seen her name misspelled like this one. Poor dyslexic typist! LOL

  6. When are you going? I'm thinking about going on Friday. Alice Price


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