Friday 7 May 2010

Trimurti Tetrahedra

Back to the Hinduism lessons at school. The plan indicated that we should look at the three aspects of the Brahman [Supreme Being] namely Brahma [creator] Vishnu [preserver] and Shiva [destroyer]


The plan also suggested that the children should draw pictures to represent these three [known as the Trimurti] "and decorate with paint, glitter, feathers etc" 

Well I am already stressed about teaching a messy class in a room with a brand new carpet - so there is no way we are going down a route involving PVA, paint and glitter!

So I made a net, photocopied it on card, and the children coloured, cut and folded, and stuck them together with [relatively safe] Pritt sticks. The results looked really good simply set out on a table - but we are hoping to suspend them in a mobile.




The children had some great ideas for representing the 3 sides. The girls did some lovely stuff for Brahma the creator. The boys particularly enjoyed the side for Shiva the destroyer!







On the underside the children have written their names, and "Trimurti"

I freely admit that I have used tetrahedra before for all sorts of RE lessons - they are relatively simple to assemble, and somehow more interesting than cubes, and the kids love them!


This net fits neatly on an A4 sheet. Feel free to copy or adapt!



  1. Lovely idea. Useful for Egyptian topic too!

  2. Fab! Am running through remaining topics of the term to see how many of these I can do!

  3. Brilliant - thank you for your creativity.


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