Thursday 27 May 2010

Sixty Days And Counting...

Till the start of this year's Holiday Bible Club. Last Thursday, I happened to mention that I needed pine cones for one of the crafts. So Ken picked up a pocketful every time he walked the dog [three carrier bags]. Then on Monday I mentioned it to John and Carole [whose house is called Tall Pine] who cleared their drive and filled four carrier bags. Thanks to the prompt and generous actions of these friends, I have sufficient for my needs - I do not need ANY MORE!!


Yesterday a delivery arrived from Genesis-UK - note the sticker on the box


and inside...


This year we are going to be VERY bright!



And please, no jokes about Rosemary Conley and "Haven't you spelled Waist incorrectly?" The club has an eco-recycling theme [as well as lots of Bible Stories, of course]

Only 60 days [help!!] The good news is that tomorrow, extra help is arriving. But more on that subject later...


  1. I think our church "did" waste watchers holiday club a few years ago - it was a HUGE success - the kids loved it.

  2. How exciting. I think you look fantastic in orange!

  3. thanks for the encouragements!!

  4. Just finding my sunglasses......


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