Saturday 15 May 2010

Total Immersion

Yesterday I baptised my mobile phone. I shall spare you the details, but I will just say that with all those females and the brevity of the lunch hour, just one loo for the staff is not enough, and I was dashing to take my turn in the "smallest room"

wet phone My grateful thanks to the Year 6 boys who managed to get the back off and remove the battery and SIM card - and to Bob who has attempted all sorts of things to dry it out. But it is not working properly anymore.

So this afternoon I shall have to go into Leicester and replace it. Last time this happened the guy in the shop said about 50% of phones suffer death by drowning. Certainly my sympathetic colleagues were full of horror stories yesterday. Boscastle in the floods, a wine glass in Majorca...why did my phone have such a prosaic death?

But first, off to church for a Coffee Morning in Aid of East African Playgrounds.


  1. I always remember a grandaughter arriving here on a very hot day, took one look at the pool and went straight in, clothes and all....including phone!

  2. Oh no your poor phone and your poor wallet, hope you get a nice replacement


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