Monday 10 May 2010

Lembit Opik, OK!

lembit opik

You just have to hand it to L.O., former LibDem MP for Montgomeryshire - within hours of losing his seat, he was on "Have I got News For You?" as one of the team members . Mercilessly teased by fellow panellists, he even made jokes about himself.[BBC Website]

Most ex-MPs slither into a corner and lick their wounds, or disappear for a holiday in some far flung corner of the planet. But not our Lembik, oh no! I have no job - so I will get out there and find someone to pay me for an evening's work and if it is the BBC, so be it.

His unusual name is Estonian - although he was born [in 1965] and brought up in Bangor N.I. after his parents fled from Joseph Stalin. [Lembit means beloved] But his moniker does make for some wonderful anagrams

His hair is bit like mop

Before losing his seat, his MPs salary meant he could say

O, I'm kept Lib.

The variety of anagrams means his name could be used as a

Lib. Poem Kit

How did he respond to being the butt of so many jokes?

Bit me lip, OK?

He has had a very colourful private life - but there are other less well know, but interesting fact about this guy...

On April 13th 1998, Lembit came close to death in a near fatal paragliding accident. He fell about 80 feet onto a Welsh mountain in his constituency, and broke his back in 12 places, as well as his ribs, sternum and jaw. This near-death experience has caused him to take a keen interest in the Spinal Injuries Association, of which he is a member. Despite the accident, Lembit continues with his interest in aviation. He has a pilot's licence and spoke for British Gliding in the House of Commons. Lembit also rides motorcycles and lobbied for the interests of bikers when the opportunity arose.

I hope his departure from the House Of Commons does not mean we will see less of him on TV - he is a real character [I am sure Hislop and Merton will want him back on HIGNFY anyway!]


  1. I thought that episode of HIGNFY was hilarious!! Almost the best one I've seen. However, I have to give top prize to the episode with Brian Blessed as guest host - he was amazing!


  2. Lembit Opik - ugh! Ah well, good job we're not called to like every-one!


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