Thursday 13 May 2010

Weight A Minute!

I forgot to mention that whilst visiting the surreal shopping experience that is Trago Mills, I very nearly purchased some bathroom scales for the bathroom at Cornerstones.

scales They were £2.50 - I suspect originally sold in the Sainsbury's Basics range, from the packaging.

However, one set was out of its pack and on the shop floor. So I stepped on the platform.

Woohoo! I thought, even after all those cooked breakfasts over the weekend in Plymouth, I have lost a full stone in weight. Swimming in the hotel pool must have burned off zillions of calories.

Then I came to my senses, and realised three important things

  1. If my weight is a full 14lbs less, just 3 days since I last weighed myself, it is more likely that the scales are faulty than that I have lost weight. So do not buy them!!
  2. Buying scales for Cornerstones - why? It is primarily a holiday retreat, and nobody should be worrying about their weight when they are relaxing and getting away from it all. So do not buy them!!
  3. There are lots of more useful things to do with £2.50. So do not buy them!!

Reader, I did not buy them.

And now a positive endorsement of a product that does work...

I recently received a gift from my friend ElizabethD [French Village Life] - she was concerned about my dodgy knee and kindly sent me this gel to rub into the joint.


I am happy to report that after a week's use, there is definite improvement - so thank you E for this.

However, Bob has expressed concern that it make make my legs look like those of Mr Schwarzenegger!


  1. Good to see that you didnt buy any sames and wow, great that the product is working

  2. Naughty Bob!!
    I'm so delighted you are finding that it helps. Based on good old Arnica, which is a bit of a miracle plant, it seems to be the answer for bruises, buts and burns........and LEGS!

  3. scales are pointless, go by your clothes! (and other such motivational suggestions!)

  4. I agree with Steph--no more scales! I find mine are always a good twenty pounds over. Faulty indeed!



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