Saturday 15 May 2010

Coffee, Cakes and Craft


A good number turned up for the event Alyson was organising for EAP [website]


I had recently bought a pack of M&S "Chicken Run" tea towels

chicken run tea towels I carefully cut round the motifs and used them to decorate some tea cosies, egg cosies and oven gloves.

Last night I made some more tea cosies with pink fabric.

Then I put them in plastic bags ready to sell. I shroud have taken photos first, but never mind 

Here they are - all hygienically wrapped!


DSCF0062 DSCF0070 






I did well and sold quite a bit of stuff. Which all helped the cause!

tea cosy M&S Here is the M&S tea cosy - I was selling mine for half the price. But then mine did have fewer chickens per cosy. Lots of people said "Oh but I just put a teabag in a mug these days - I never use a pot"

I could have sold lots more oven gloves - will have to remember that for the next event.


  1. I have a tea pot and a lovely freind made me a cosy for it. I rather like the whole routine of a pot of tea (we use leaf tea). well done - I am loving the creativity going on at the moment

  2. You never stop! They are so very pretty, just as good as M and S. Maybe you should consider going into production?

  3. Since comming to India (and living in a tea growing area) I have come to love leaf tea made in a pot. I wouldn't choose it any other way now. It's not very 'Indian' but it's the way I like it! I'm glad your coffee morning went well, ours did too.

  4. I always brew my tea in a pot, and I love your tea cosies! This is my first time to your blog, and I have truly enjoyed my visit. Will come again.


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