Tuesday 18 May 2010

Life Is But a Melancholy Flower**


According to recent reports in the news, sales of cauliflowers have slumped by 35% in the last decade. 5% in the last year alone. The Brassica Growers Association is worried, and have launched the "Love Your Greens" campaign

love greens We love cauliflower in this house, and cabbage, and broccoli. Swedes and Sprouts aren't quite so high up the list, but are there on the menu occasionally.

I hardly ate broccoli at all as a child, but now it is everywhere.

Cabbage on the other hand...I ate platefuls of the stuff, having been told it would make me grow taller [note to elderly relatives - all those crusts didn't make my hair curl either]

cauli facts

Oh! poor sensitive little thing - and now it is feeling ignored at the greengrocers too!

But you can buy teeshirts

[see here]





**Back in the last century, I remember BMS Summer School Coach Trips where we would sing this to the tune of Frere Jacques

Life is butter, life is but a

Melancholy flower, melancholy flower

Life is but a melon, life is but a melon

Cauliflower, cauliflower

I shall be humming that all day now!


  1. I was about to buy a cauliflower the other day....till I saw the price, 3.50 euros (almost the same in sterling)!

  2. Yes and with the extra pun of "Life is butter".
    Bring on the brassicas - I love them!

  3. My husband and I are following the Weight Watchers programme and as of late, our usual evening munchies include raw cauliflower. In fact we're finding it quite addictive!!!


  4. We eat lots of cauliflower and broccoli. I like to make a cauliflower, broccoli, red onion salad with small bite sized pieces of each topped with mayonnaise and sugar dressing, sprinkled with a little parmasean cheese. OK, I know the dressing isn't all that healthy, but it's sure is good. :-)
    God bless,

  5. Our boys love cauliflower - along with carrots, and cucumbers it's just about the only veg that both will eat in large quantities. (Individually, they like others too... ain't that just the way?)

  6. I have never heard that song before, but we love a cauli. I get one most weeks, we tried growing them, but the slugs got them. They are great in our curry's. I am lucky in that the boys love veg

  7. i saw this item on Breakfast news this morning cauliflower is still a big favourite in our house especially cauliflower soup!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & your sweet comments Marie x

  8. Love cauliflower any which way, even more than broccoli! Enjoyed all your posts again! Thanks!


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