Thursday 6 May 2010

Love Your Local Library

There appears to have been an influx of different books at the library - they circulate the stock between the different village branches every so often. I returned from my latest trip with this...

knits care share

Gerard Allt is the founder of IKnit London, [near Waterloo - I went there with Liz and Steph a couple of years ago] and this book is lovely, and quite unusual in its approach. The blurb says

Explore the spiritual side of craft and share the fruits of your skills with over 30 stylish knitted projects designed especially for donation. Throughout history, knitters have responded to those in need, from bonnets for Victorian orphans to blankets for disaster relief appeals. [This book] provides contemporary, fashionable patterns for those individuals and knitting groups who want to continue this tradition.Craft caring gifts for strangers or friends, those who are suffering in some way through illness, stress, or changes in their life, and anyone who needs cheering up with a cosy, comforting knitted treat. With easy-to-follow patterns and delightful original colour diagrams, knitters will enjoy creating these special gifts designed with the specific needs of the recipient in mind.

Some interesting patterns and useful information.

Then I also borrowed T&S "What you wear can change your life"

trinny & susanna clothes



<<< I quite enjoyed this one, which I borrowed before - and have cheerfully followed their suggestion in that volume about wearing multiple necklaces.



trinny & susanna clothes 2   But I am not so sure about this one! I don't feel as if I fit into any of their 'categories' [Pregnant/mother of teenagers/etc] and it seems more about 'what not to wear', than advice on what you can wear.  Furthermore, on page 108 in the 'Culling' section, it advises getting rid of thin scarves and square silk scarves - then on p140 in 'Accessories' it advises you how to wear them!

I  did like their quote from Dorothy Parker though "Brevity is the soul of lingerie" [even if S&T then follow it with a whole chapter on sensible body-sculpting underwear which is anything but brief!]

They also quoted Lord Mountbatten "If you've got it, wear it" - except that was a remark made to Prince Charles regarding Royal Insignia and medals. I cannot immediately think of any occasion when I might want to flaunt my Silver Swimming Award and Girls' Brigade Queen's Badge!

brown-obama-legs I read a piece on Sarah Brown last week which said something to the effect that unlike the Mesdames Cameron and Clegg, she had never really been interested in fashion, but had made a real effort to look smart because she didn't want to let her husband down.

Poor woman - it must be so hard being photographed alongside slimmer fashion plates like Michelle O and Carla B. I really sympathise with Sarah - I suspect that without the girls acting as my personal T&S I'd be slopping around in the wrong clothes entirely. "Style" does not come naturally to me, and I've never really seen "clothes-shopping" as an enjoyable exercise. Furthermore I refuse to discard a garment just because it is old.

votes for women Oh sorry - is this post too trivial today - should I be posting Solemn Stuff about The Election? I cast my vote at 8.10am, and do not want to think about it any more for a bit!

I'm sure Mrs Pankhurst and her hardy crew had more important things on their mind than frocks when they were campaigning.

Ooh! Just realised I am wearing a green top with purple, white and green skirt today. The colours of the Women's Suffrage Movement. "The Colours" were an early marketing stroke of genius. Dreamt up in 1908, the unusual combination of colours green (hope), purple (dignity) and white (purity) was used in campaigns everywhere – on banners, pamphlets, newspapers, posters, and in clothing – scarves, ribbons, jewellery. The Colours unified the movement and also emphasized the femininity of the suffragettes, who were being characterized in the press and by the government as hysterical harridans.

Not sure T&S would have approved of those colours worn together!!


  1. Our village library is tiny and very poor on books and it costs £1.20 to order them in!!

    Ssaying this I am desperate to read jane Brocket Art of Domesticity and can not get it anywhere, so have ordered it in from the library. I did this 4 weeks agao and am still waiting for the call. The anticipation is killing me!

  2. My book was due back today. Oh oh...


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