Thursday, 17 February 2011

Coffee Break

First, there was a picture of two beautiful blue coffee mugs, over at French Village Life.

Then I received this in the post


…a delightful hand drawn post card, from Frances at Left-Handed Housewife. All the way from the USA to my letter box in Leicestershire.

All of which makes me feel like having a good cup of coffee [Fairly Traded, of course]– and that reminds me to prompt people about this upcoming event

fairtrade fortnight

It is only a week away – you can find out more here.  Fairtrade products encompass far more these days than just coffee and teabags. Our friends at the Parish Church are even organising a Fairtrade Fashion Show on March 5th. I’m a little apprehensive about this – they have asked me to be one of the models!! Bob fell about laughing when he heard that. After all, I am less Twiggy and more Miss Piggy in stature [small, round and pinkish]


miss piggy

Anyway – do keep a lookout for the FairTrade Fortnight events in your neck of the woods, and support the cause.

Today is the last day for posting to the OWOH event – so please comment here if you haven’t done so already. I shall sort out my giveaway winner tomorrow night after school [just to allow time for far flung friends where midnight is later to get their comments sorted!]


I have enjoyed sitting with a coffee mug in my hand, surfing through the blogs of the other participants in this fun event.



I am very sleepy this evening. If I were Abby on NCIS, I think I’d have a huge mug of CafPow to keep me going.

CafPow was dreamed up by the scriptwriters for the programme- but now an enterprising manufacturer is actually making and selling the stuff in the USA! But it probably isn’t healthy or FairTrade anyway.


  1. Caf-Pow! I couldn't believe it. NCIS, one of my favorites; we're on season 3 right now. The stuff is not recommended for people under the age of 18. That's good enough for me - not very healthy. :-)

  2. Hi, Angela!
    Thank you for your visit today. That's awesome that you will be a model in a fashion show. Tell us all about it!
    I love West Side Story, too. The kids this year are very intrigued. They have been competing (acting) for the day's Academy Award (a bottle of Coca-Cola) and they are quiet as mice when I show them selected scenes. I like "Tonight" too!


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