Friday, 11 February 2011

We Will Meet You At Your Own Convenience

When I was at school, one of my classmates brought in a letter she had received from a local company in reply to a letter of complaint she had sent them. It said they would be happy to meet her to discuss the issue at her own convenience. As she lived in an old Norfolk cottage, her ‘own convenience’ was an outside loo [a “double seater” at that]. We all speculated about this particular venue for a business meeting!


That seemed quite funny at the time – but it is nothing like as funny as the series of emails Bob has received this week. For full story click here. The final email said


Thank you for contacting SugarSync Customer Care.

I apologize for the mail which you have received regarding the promotional offer. Actually our systems send the mails to the customers without our intimation. I am sorry for the incontinence that is been caused by us.

Please let me know if this resoles your

The part about incontinence is enough to give anyone what my cousin calls “A Tena Lady Moment” !


As far as I can observe, my husband’s regards have not yet been resoled!


[no I don’t understand the above piece of clip art either, but I couldn’t resist putting it into this post!]


  1. Boy, that must have been a strongly worded letter to cause incontinence! Floods of laughter perhaps?
    Jane x

  2. LOL. I love their excuse is that it is their systems which send out the emails without 'intimation' (whose thesaurus were they using?) - as if they have a mind of their own and cannot be controlled by any human intervention (or 'intimation'). "Sorry, the robots have taken over here and there's nothing we can do about it."

    Incontinence eh? Surely if the emails are causing incontinence there must be some kind of legal redress. I'd contact your solicitor. :)

  3. A double-seater !! My father had one of those - he lived in a cottage that shared a double-seater with the neighbours. I know it's true because it's in his memoirs !!

  4. Oh, good grief! That is aggravating! Whenever you file a complaint, you get a generic response. And as for the response to the response, it probably came from India. If you ever get to actually "SPEAK" with someone, it's even more frustrating. Most businesses in the US have people in India handling all calls. It's very frustrating, as we can't understand what they are saying because of the heavy accent and very fast talking!!! Thus, the bad English in this response probably came from someone in India too. I'm not bashing India, I guess the companies can't find Americans to do the work. Sad, isn't it.
    Sorry you couldn't at least have a chance at the iPad. That's the only way I'd get one too!


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