Monday, 7 February 2011

Off The Cuff Remarks

Bob’s chinos have frayed round the hems. Not sure why – I suspect he has lost a bit of weight so they are hanging a little lower round his waist and consequently rubbing on his shoes.


Solution: unpick the cuffs, iron everything flat – and turn a new hem on the inside. He has lost the cuffs, but gained another few months wear from the trousers!


That’s a turn-up for the books!

[No, he can’t go out and buy a new pair- the Recent Tragic Death Of The Lap-Top means I am saving like mad to buy a new one, and trivia like clothes will have to wait]


  1. What a great idea. Dan has a few trousers like that and I never thought to actually cut the cuffs off! Thanks for the inspiration, Angela.

  2. good job Angela - have to admit to doing similar myself more than once. Even had to unpick machine sewing and let the hems down to the lowest point as DH had gained weight which made the trouser legs whizz upward! Oh dear we can't reach a happy medium can we. Blessings!

  3. well done you and getting your priorities right!!!

    No Mark's and Sparks over here now, although I can order online from them if I so desire....

    Gill in Canada

  4. Laptops before clothes! Absolutely! LOL ~Liz

  5. Quite so Angela , first things first--cottonreel

  6. When I got married I relied on Good Housekeeing and Woman and Home as one relies on breath. Later I discovered Lyn and Aggie. Now I think that you are to the post-feminist, educated but completely inadequate, happily trundling back to the role of two generations ago "Modern Mother" what any of these tomes of wisdom proclaim to be!

  7. What a great idea! We've got some pants around here that are pretty frayed, and I hate to toss them. I'll try this instead.


  8. I am glad to haver been an inspiration to so many frayed friends!!

    BeeJay- re taking up/letting down of trousers - I do sympathise. In over thirty years of marriage,I have adjusted dozens of pairs of trousers DOWN for him [6'4"] and Up for me [4'11½"]


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