Saturday, 26 February 2011

Money Makes the World Go Round…

natwest brixtonI am trying to be calm about this…but not succeeding.

Whilst we were with the girls, I paid two large cheques into the bank [Brixton branch, just opposite the underground station] on Monday


There was quite a queue, so I just used the Quick Deposit facility. The natwest website says this offers

  • secure in-hall deposit boxes for cash, cheques and bill payments
  • business customers can also use these deposit boxes
  • same-day processing when you deposit funds before 3.30pm

However I am still waiting for these cheques to show up in our account. I rang the telephone banking help-line. Once the operator had agreed to talk to me [it is a joint account and technically it is supposed to be Bob who does it all] she said there was no record of these cheques – but she would ring Brixton and find out. Did I have the exact address of the branch? No- I just came out of the Tube Station and there it was!

bank ladyShe found the number, and tried to ring them. No reply. She said she would contact them and get them to ring me back.

So I waited…

No one called back. I rang again. Spoke to another operator, who said she ought to speak to the Reverend really. But then we established it was all ok. I explained the problem again. She said that if the person who had issued the cheques had no funds then that would delay things. I assured her that one of the Reverend’s cheques had come from his church, and I knew there was money in the account! She then asked why I had used Quick Deposit and not paid it in at the counter [because the queue was out of the door] and did I have a receipt? [only the counterfoil in my paying-in book, and the tear-off strip from the envelope] No real proof then? I said the tear-off slip had a serial number but she said that wouldn’t prove anything.


What about the bank ringing me back?

Did I have the exact address of the branch? No- I just came out of the Tube station and there it was. “Brixham” she said. “NO – that’s in Devon, I mean Brixton in LONDON” “Oh, I don’t know where any of our branches are.” she said”I can leave them a message. But you won’t hear anything before Monday at the earliest, these things take days to sort.”

Then she said “But you should have been told that earlier. And you should have rung us on Tuesday when there was no sign of the cheques in your account” I said I had never had a problem before and I thought they took a day or so to clear anyway. And I was on holiday at the time, so didn’t check till I got home.

So basically she was telling me

  • that I should have told them sooner
  • that I ought to know the exact address of the branch
  • that I should not have used Quick Deposit anyway, because I have no proof that I did deposit the cheques.

Where has my money gone? And if the operators are suggesting that Quick Deposit is not reliable, then why do they still provide it?

I am hoping that I shall have good news to report on this one after the weekend, and that the missing money has been located. If not, you may have to seek me out here [The Debtors’ Prison, Newgate!]


Ah well –maybe they will prove the truth of their slogan on Monday!



  1. Oh Ang, what a worry for you. I cant believe
    that they are being so cavalier about your money lost in their bank.

  2. Angela - I do hope that you are able to get this sorted out to your satisfaction speedily - the high street banks drive me to distraction - I have to use two different ones to deposit monies for my work and a third for our own personal banking and there's precious little to choose between the lot of them for lack of service and facilities - if the clown of an employee who wanders around each of them offering people the chance to put their deposits into an envelope to save them time waiting in the queue would get behind the counter and open an additional cashiers station the queue would reduce immediately - but all you get when you suggest that is that they're not trained to carry out that role - well Mr Fat Cat Banking Bosses, get your act together, get your staff trained and in situ and bring back some of that long forgotten commodity 'customer service' - okay soap box dismounted and stored away for another day

  3. There is nothing more stressful than dealing with banks and I should know! In my case I had to wait for over 6 weeks for a debit card to be supplied following the expiry of the previous one. Every time I phoned I got a different 'person' who gave different information. All I wanted was an assurance that all future correspondence would be sent with the correct European postage. Getting them to understand that one was just impossible. I do hope you find that your cheques are credited soon - it is such a worry. I had no access to my account which might or might not have been a good thing!

  4. This is exactly why I refuse to pay cheques in this way. Many times the cashier has told me I could use the deposit box. I always refuse because of the lack of proof of deposit.

  5. Not good. I havent had any problems with Santander. Hope it all works out x

  6. How frustrating. If the cheques are not cashed the issuer should be able to stop them and give you a new one. Natwest have randomly cancelled my debit card and say they have sent a new one, guess what.... no sign of it a week later. Ho hum another phone call I guess.


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