Sunday, 27 February 2011

I Don’t Think They Noticed!

A good service this morning – we watched the Fairtrade Youtube clip [less than 2 minutes long!] and gave out free samples of tea & coffee and money off vouchers.

I wore my brown wrap dress today. Last time I wore it, I omitted the camisole underneath. As I sat in the lounge at my friends’ house, Bob looked across the room and mouthed “lean back” [confused, I raised my eyebrows] He mouthed again “leee-an baaa-ck”[this time I understood!] So I sat up straight and discreetly rearranged my clothing! [tempted to make puns about bosom friends, but I won’t]

Today therefore, before leaving the house, I said “Do I look OK?” Bob made a great display of checking my appearance, front and back, and pronouncing it all perfectly fine.

Immediately before the service, I popped into the Ladies cloakroom at church. It was then that I spotted myself in the mirror – I was wearing completely unmatched ear-rings [One large pearl, one small navy stud] It is a good thing my hair is long enough to cover my ears!!!


  1. I am laughing Angela, (at the leeean back) wrap dresses always need discreet safety pins to keep underwear hidden! I have a lovely dress that I have to wear a tee shirt with as it's just not modest xxx

  2. I'm laughing too...more at the thought of Bob saying everything was perfectly fine! He doesnt look at earrings then!

  3. I think a lot of us have 'been there and done that' and we do rely on our other halves at times don't we? I have been out twice recently and forgotten my specs but it obviously wasn't noticed by anyone by me!

  4. I'm always expecting to look down and see I've walked out of the house wearing mismatched shoes. Haven't done it yet, but don't put it past me!


  5. Great video! I try to buy fair trade tea, coffee, and chocolate as much as possible. Don't you just loooove wrap clothing ;o). Glad your husband was discreet about it.


  6. Ha ha ha! I've worn two different earrings all day before. You know how Frances wrote about being invisible? THAT'S when it's actually really nice!


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