Saturday, 5 February 2011

Scrabble and Squabbles!

Last year’s wonderful “Forgotten English Calendar” hanging in the downstairs loo

forgotten english

has been replaced by the 2011 Scrabble Calendar

scrabble calendar

This one has Scrabble Challenge for each day, plus a ‘new word to learn’ [allegedly a word that you are unlikely to know already]

Unfortunately we are only 35 days into the New Year and I have already come across not one, but TWO spelling mistakes – in the relatively common words jetsam and milieu. [my spellchecker knows both these words, so they cannot be too unusual]

Is it picky of me to be a little irritated by these errors? If ‘every word counts’ then we ought to be spelling it correctly.

At school on Tuesday I asked a pupil if he knew what the word “Altar” meant – he said “A film”. I was baffled. Further questioning revealed he meant “That film about blue people” [Ah, right, not Altar but Avatar!]


After this morning’s Prayer Meeting, we went into Leicester, to go to the bank and the Christian Bookshop.

The Leicester Chinese Centre had an exhibition of information about Chinese New Year – they were making decorations, painting people’s names in Chinese characters, and other activities – plus a splendidly informative display about the New Year. Today is the 3rd day of the New Year – which makes it Squabbling Day


My question – if the people want to avoid meeting family or friends in case they squabble, why do they go out at all? Surely there is a serious risk they might all meet up at the temples?

Bob treated me to lunch in the Real China Buffet – excellent food, and delicious Chinese Tea

real china

It was a satisfactory trip into the city centre – we managed to find all the things we needed.

I was very amused by this sign outside one of the pubs…


…but I ignored the instruction, as I don’t smoke on Saturdays [or any other day, for that matter]

I hope your Saturday is free of Squabbles

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  1. I dont have a calendar in my loo but if I did it would be a scrabble one. That board made me laugh. We have a Real China just round the corner from where I love. Ours has gone a little downhill lately but it makes for a cheap meal! I hope you enjoyed it.


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