Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some Like It Cool!

Last week, I promised a review of this book

morpurgo cool!

Since then I have watched Michael Morpurgo delivering this year’s Dimbleby Lecture. My respect for this guy just grows and grows. Taking William Blakes lines

“A robin redbreast in a cage

puts all heaven in a rage”

MM delivered an impassioned piece on the Rights Of Children. Do try and find details of his lecture if you can. It is worth listening to.

ANYWAY back to Cool!

The plot is this - Robbie is an average 10 year old kid. Lives with Mum and younger sister and dog Lucky. Dad's moved out. Robbie is bright, keen on football, and popular at school. His hero is Gianfranco Zola.

Then one Saturday he is about to take Lucky for a walk in the park, and the dog runs out in the road, Robbie chases him...and they are both hit by cars.

zolaThe story is told from Robbie's point of view - as he lies in hospital in a coma. He can hear [and smell!] but he cannot open his eyes/speak/communicate in any way to let those around him know he is OK 'inside'. He is frustrated by his inability to respond to them - and the fact that he cannot ask any questions. Lucky is not mentioned, and he is convinced that his pet has died.


The tale is brilliantly told, and I have yet to read it with a child at school who has not been gripped by the plot, and anxious to find out what happens.

One caveat - MM does not avoid the harsh realities of life in his books, and saccharine Disney endings are not guaranteed. I know of one 7 year old, a very bright reader, who had to stop after the second chapter because she was scared of what might happen. For that reason I would recommend it for children aged 9+, and for adults too!

If you have boys who are not ‘into’ reading, try them with this one and see what happens!


  1. I remember what a very popular writer he was amongst the children that I taught.

  2. It sounds like a book my younger boy, Will, would like very much. Thanks for the review!


  3. Sounds great! I'm going to order a copy.

  4. I find that adding a lot of black pepper to a dish can give it some heat without being too spicy


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