Monday, 28 February 2011

What’s In A Name?

Here is my lovely husband -  Rev Robert Almond, aka Bob


And this is the Natwest Bank in Brixton

natwest brixton

Finally  we have discovered what happened to our money!

Thank you to Gill, who works in the Brixton Branch and has just got back from her holiday. She phoned this morning to apologise that nobody had contacted us Saturday, and asked for the details again and went off to “Stick my head into the metal box and see if your envelope is stuck inside”

She has just rung back this afternoon to say that they did get the envelope out last Monday, but would not credit either of the two cheques inside to us, because one of them was in the wrong name! It said Bob not Robert.

She then apologised that nobody had phoned us immediately to point out the error. She apologised that we had been through so much hassle because of it. She said she would return the cheque and maybe the original issuer could correct this.


I have to say that Gill could not have been more helpful – and beats the three people from the Natwest National Helpdesk hands down for politeness and efficiency. She apologised no less than three times – which is three times more than any of the others [particularly the chap this morning who said it was unlikely to be sorted for at least five days!]

God bless you Gill, whoever you are!

[Bob has managed to bank cheques in the past issued to his various aliases …Mr, Rev, Robert, Bob, RH … so we don’t know why this one hit a glitch]


  1. Wonderful news! I know that there have been a lot of very insistent prayers going upwards!!

  2. Thank heavens they located it and there was a fraud free answer for it's little foray into never never land albeit at the hands of someone with more than a little pedantism - would that they were always that thorough although I guess that is asking a little too much :)

  3. How refreshing to receive an apology these days. You must be very relieved to have solved this distressing mystery and I well remember my banking days when a little common sense and efficiency would have been used. How times have changed.


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