Saturday, 12 February 2011

Still More Statistics!

According to a recent survey commissioned by this lady, who is  Kendra Keller …

kendra keller hallmark cards

…and rejoices in the title of “Head Of Romance, Hallmark Cards UK” four out of ten Brits hope to receive a Valentine’s Card from someone in their workplace.

The survey also showed that one in ten people in the North East of England claim to be ‘totally unromantic’ – making it the least romantic part of the British Isles.


“East Anglia was revealed as the most romantic region in the UK, with 45 per cent of residents describing themselves as either very or hopelessly romantic”


guess who is planning to go off to Cornerstones on Sunday evening, and spend Valentine’s Day in Norfolk!!



  1. Hmmm I'm kinda hoping I won't get a valentine from anyone at work!

  2. I see exactly what you mean there, Chris!!!!


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