Sunday, 6 February 2011

In Which The Pastor’s Wife Is A Pudd’nhead*

Today is…


…so when we got back from church, I decided to make a batch of Jamie’s “Baby Yorkies” to go with the roast chicken. Took the bird out of the oven to rest, and ‘turned the oven up to full whack’ and put a 12-hole bun tin on top shelf to heat up.

Here’s the recipe from the 30-minute cookbook


• just under 1 mug of plain flour
• 1 mug of milk
• 1 egg

Put the flour, milk and egg into the liquidizer with a pinch of salt. Blitz, then quickly and confidently remove the bun tin from the oven and close the door. In one quick movement, back and forth, drizzle a little olive oil in each compartment, then do the same with the batter until each one is half full (any remaining batter can be used for pancakes another day). Place in the top of the oven, close the door and do not open for 14 minutes, until golden and risen.

Important – when you are confidently removing bun tin and drizzling the oil DO ensure you are holding the right bottle. My first compartment had balsamic vinegar in it before I realised my error!!!

So I ended up with eleven puffy, delicious little puds -Bob was well impressed, ‘Take a photo’ he said. So I did – here’s four of them on a plate


Before church, I was pondering about dessert [Sundays deserve a proper dessert, even if it is ‘fruit or yogurt’ on other days] and I spotted a small baguette in the bread bin [left over from our Alpha Supper] Just the one, about 7” long.


Well, I cannot abide waste, and I had a small amount of cream in the fridge too [best before 3rd Feb, but it looked and smelled OK] So I sliced the baguette and buttered it and made a B&B pudding.

It looked really lovely [see photo]


I served it up, with custard and began to eat it. There was something…odd…it tasted…wrong …I wondered if my spoon had not been washed properly in the dishwasher- turned it over- no it was perfectly clean. I looked at Bob. He had a quizzical expression.

He enquired as to the ingredients used in my impressive looking dessert  - and I began “Well, I’m trying to be thrifty…” at which point he collapsed in convulsions of laughter, to the point where he was almost in tears with hysteria. Once he had recovered himself, he explained that the leftover bread was in fact AN ONION BAGUETTE!!! [Not having eaten any at Alpha, I thought they were just plain baguettes]

Well, it did add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the flavour

So there you have it – the Yorkies almost ruined with balsamic vinegar, the B&B pud edible, but slightly weirdly flavoured. Fortunately the roast chicken worked beautifully, and Bob is still chuckling to himself about it all.

My only defence is that I think I am ‘going down with something’ – my throat is sore, I keep sneezing, and I feel as if my head is full of cotton wool.

[*definition of pudd’nhead - a nitwit, a person who is not very bright, lacking intelligence or common sense]


  1. Well now, I didn't know that. I'll have to throw some Yorkshire puds in with the Turkey roast later.

    I love Jamie's Yorkies. In the recipe I have he recommends three eggs! Aye Lad, tha's not a true Yorkshireman if tha's usin' three eggs! Whata waste o' brass.

  2. In case you have a savoury left over loaf again - the More with Less cook book (am I right you said you have it? If not I can write out recipe) has a very nice savoury B&B pudding. Or you can make up your own using anything you like that's savoury instead of the fruits. I served it with salad - nice.

  3. Oh poor you! Maybe you could award your husband a prize for spotting the deliberate mistake. Wouldn't we all have done the same thing? I rather think so. Never mind, Angela, it has given your readers some entertainment and no doubt many of us are nodding at the memory of something similar happening to us. The Yorkshires looked delicious.

  4. Shrieks of laughter here..sorry!
    I do remember defrosting what I thought was stewed apples, but which turned out to be leek soup! Must put labels on things.

  5. Puddin' head or baguette brain?
    Jane x

  6. Oh, I do hope you feel better in the morning! ~Liz

  7. Mmmm, I love Yorkshire pudding! I haven't had them in forever. Glad to read that I'm not the only one who make interesting baking blunders. It all looks delicious, regardless!


  8. thanks for the chuckle again Angela - you never fail to bring a smile to my face - and I needed it today! had a fall up the library steps so feeling a little bruised and battered (no pun intended either)

  9. Glad to make you all smile.
    Lynn- thanks for the reminder about the MoreWithLessCookbook[yes I do have that one]
    Elizabeth - hope you realsdied it was leeks before you fed it to M with custard!
    BeeJay - hope the bruises recovering now

  10. Oh, I love stories about kitchen mess-ups, because I make so many myself! And that bread pudding did look delicious, too ...



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