Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pretty Things!

Six weeks ago, on Boxing Day, during the Sunday Morning Service, we dismantled our paper chains - we each got a section containing a task or two which would be an Act Of Random Kindness, or a Reminder Of God’s Goodness. My two links said “Look Up At the Stars” and “Take Cakes To Colleagues At Work”


So I enjoyed the splendid starry night skies when we were on holiday at Cornerstones in December – but did not get round to the cake making till this week. I made some fairy cakes, and seven minute frosting, and took them into school, where they were very well received…


Well – it was Friday, and I think many of my colleagues were in need of something sweet to boost their blood sugar! It was really good to be able to explain why I had taken in the cakes – even if this is not quite as healthy as Chris Duffett’s Free Fruit Initiative.

[I discovered that there is one problem with the frosting – my electric hand mixer interferes with the TV, and Bob was trying to watch a film whilst I was making it. Seven minutes can seem a very long time when you are waiting for it to end…]

Thursday night we had a great evening at Friends and Neighbours Group with Clare and Caroline from the Mary Clare Knit and Needlecraft shop [website] We made simple ear-rings under their expert tutelage [that’s a lovely word, isn’t it?]


I had some lovely iridescent blue beads to work with, and here’s the result of my labours.

It was great fun working together – Clare and Caroline had packs of pliers and wire cutters for us to use, and foam mats to work on [so the beads didn't roll away]

The selection of beads and craft materials they brought along was quite extensive – I was so caught up with making my ear-rings and watching friends creating theirs that I completely forgot to take any photos.

Another busy few days ahead- hope you have a good weekend too!


  1. What attractive earrings. I love the colours in the stones.

  2. I once made Chris a jar of 'happies'.I filled a
    cookie jar with pieces of paper (chocolate brown with gold/silver writing)on which was written a happy memory, a beautiful scene,a gratitude etc.
    He used to take a 'happy' at his break time at was a moment of peace in a stressful day.
    Jane x

  3. Ooh love the look of those cupcakes x


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