Thursday, 17 February 2011

Should Have Gone To SpecSavers!


Because apparently this well known chain of opticians now offers hearing tests too! I was pottering in the kitchen listening to the Radio and they were doing a trailer for this popular new TV series on BBC3. It sounded like a good programme for crafters & DIY types like the Almond family.

I thought “I don’t know about this, I shall check it out”

I have such fond memories of sitting in front of Mum and Dad’s little black and white telly in the late 50s/early 60s watching Barry Bucknell

barry bucknell

He used to panel doors with sheets of hardboard, and make pointless occasional tables and the like. Cue for an old joke…

Q; what are occasional tables doing the rest of the time?

A; nesting or dining!

Anyway, this new programme sounded equally good [especially now that “The Salvager” series on Quest has finished]

It’s name?

“B&Q Man”

I had a clear mental picture of what it was all about

B&Q man

Only later did I realise the trailer was actually about this…

being human

[it’s a vampire/werewolf/ghost thing. Not really my style at all!]

Ah well, everybody needs a Mondegreen to brighten their day now and then [explanation of Mondegreens here] TV programme titles are particularly prone to Slip Of The Ear misinterpretations.

[I liked that one which was on Sunday Nights – Monica The Glen]

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  1. I used to like 'Roddy Dud' know..steal from the rich and give to the poor.
    Jane x


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