Sunday, 6 February 2011


At last! – this morning I shall hear Bob preach one of the sermons in his Exodus series [every other week I have been out preaching elsewhere, or out taking a Sunday School class] He’s done four sermons already so this is number 5 [I think we are at Chapter 17]

He has spent part of a Christmas book token on a new commentary

BST exodus

and shown lots of clips from the TimeLife DVD


Meanwhile, Scripture Union have just released their Holiday Club Programme for 2011 – based on…Exodus

su mission rescue

It looks like a good one – and my decision back in December to start collecting** these…

champagneand these…


…has proved to be a good one. The Craft Idea I spotted in a book a couple of months ago is definitely going to be included. But you will have to wait to find out what I am going to do with the corks.

[**’collecting’ as in ‘asking members of the congregation to save them for me’ – I do not propose to drink 100 bottles of champagne before July. I do not actually like the stuff!]


  1. These are lovely posts! Have a very blessing filled day!

  2. Ah! Scripture Union is still with us. Must check that out. . . . . .Told DH this morning we should move to Britain; he could pastor and I could supply preach. He nearly turned white, Ha Ha. In this convention, men preach/women teach. Well, it's about service, not rights, so you do what you can! ~Liz

  3. Thanks Mags - the morning service was wonderful [if you ignore me and my mate Rachel weeping through one hymn as it had special family significances for both of us] I so enjoy listening to Bob's preaching - and I may have to blogpost about today's sermon later as it was V V encouraging.
    LizBeth - you must be much more gracious than I am - I'd go bananas if I was in a situation where women could not preach!


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