Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Reels and Ribbons

On Sunday morning, a friend came up and gave me a carrier bag when she arrived at church. “My friend’s been clearing out, and didn’t know what to do with these, and I thought of you…”

So in the evening I sat down with a cup of tea and delved into the bag…

More than a dozen reels of cotton, and a beautiful old wooden chocolate box with a little brass catch. [When did you ever see a chocolate box made of wood? I have only ever had sweets in bags, tins, or cardboard cartons!]


Some spools were so old they had lost their labels, but this half dozen really appealed to me


Their names are so evocative

Chinese green


deep amethyst

orange lily

“The Penguin Brand” [ok, those two are both a dull ‘fawn’ but never mind]

And inside the box were loads of lengths of ribbon, lace and braid. Here is a selection of the ones I thought were rather special


The one on the right actually shimmers through shades from pale sky blue to navy. And I love the horse and cart braid, and the one with the two children and the little house.

I am already planning little craft projects incorporating these treasures [but have no idea when they will come to fruition]


  1. What a treasure! I love looking at the saved goodies and that fabulous box!
    My granny had an old button box and we loved to look at them. She cut buttons off of things before she turned them into cleaning rags. So smart and frugal. You're so clever. It sounds like your friends know you well!

  2. What a treasure box! I love the ribbons.

  3. I'm sure that whatever you find to do with these bits and bobs, it will be lovely. Stay warm! ~Liz


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