Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Anon [And On And On…]

AnonymousIs it just me, or have other bloggers been suffering from an excess of anonymous commenters lately?

They seem to fall into three groups

anonymous 1 – who isn’t, but is a friend [like Lynne] who doesn’t blog, and posts [signed]comments.

fine, publish, thank you friend!

anonymous 2 – the trolls who take delight in negative remarks

delete, forget, move on

anonymous 3 – the apparently pleasant comment, but really it is a spammy link to some other spurious website

delete immediately, move on

And just lately anon 3 really seems to have gone into overdrive. I really do not want to send links to rattan furniture, plastic jewellery, or bizarre political groups.


As far as I am concerned, Spam is best consigned to the bin. Unless you are using it to make fritters that is.

But in my opinion, at £1.59 a can, it is no longer a cheap meal option [and it needs too much ‘tarting up’ to make it palateable]

Here’s a Spam song for you…


  1. Love this post! :o)

  2. I've seen some bloggers mention about them to. But I have yet to have one! I feel a little left out :(
    But I am about to launch a little blog project that I;m hoping will be huge, so maybe on there lol
    x xx

  3. I have an Anon troll who pops up ocassionally to make snidey comments. Not a problem, I pop them into my spam folder so I have the comment for future reference. I get one or two spammy Anons a night, people who pretend to be my friend, then say hi come and look at my blahdeblah. Into the spam folder they go. All other Anons are ok people who want to comment but don't want to blog or sign up for anything.

  4. Mmm, I've had number 3 several times but not lately. I must be very fortunate not to have had the nasty ones.

  5. I have tons of the spammy ones which to be honest mostly make me laugh as they praise my writing hugely whereas I know that since the stroke my writing is quite poor!
    I got one "don't agree with a word you say" recently. I tend to let these have their say just once and I get final say in my reply and then I happily delete any firther nonsenses from them :)
    I used to get upset, now I just sigh, "another nutter" and delete!!!!!!!!

  6. i am anon as have no blog and dont have the other new to this new technology stuff...i hope you dont get nasty comments...i find your blog very uplifting and look forward to reading it

    please dont put up spam recipes as i find the stuff grim

    regards tess

    1. Tess, I have no problem with non-blogging friends who comment as 'anonymous' but include their name in the text. It's the nasty remarks from unnamed cowards tat are frustrating.
      I am glad you enjoy the blog - and will refrain from posting Spam recipes as you request!!

  7. I had one of the sneakily disguised advertisement type comments..."we have read your blog and love your recipes,we think it would be pefect to add to our collection of French recipe book links".
    Once I stopped laughing, I deleted it..with a French shrug of the shoulders added for good measure.
    Jane x

  8. It's one of those blog things, if you put yourself out to the world expect it. Anyone who is too delicate to cope with it shouldn't be blogging in the first place. It amazes me that some bloggers give up blogging because they receive unwanted comments. If your blog accepts comments what else can you expect in this day and age? It's life. I'm surprised you thought it was worthy of a blog post - isn't there anything more blogworthy going on there?
    In the spirit of the topic I'll remain anonymous!

  9. I've had a pile of anons trying to send me to another website - usually to sell me something.
    Love from Mum

  10. I am only able to comment as "anon." for exactly the same reasons as Tess gives. I enjoy reading your blogs - thank you. By the way we have a tin of spam in the cupboard as my husband loves spam sandwiches. Best wishes, Anne (South West)

    1. Dear Anne, thanks for commenting - I only like Spam sandwiches with a good dollop of chutney!

  11. I have no real problems with anonymous comments, providing they are appropriate - as I am well aware that not everyone has a blog but just enjoys reading them. These days everything seems to be 'happening' over on the social networks like FB and similar, so it is quite a pleasant surprise when people do take the time to drop by and read and comment. What I am not so happy about are the anonymous followers on my blog. I can't see the point of that, but am willing to listen if someone can explain.

    At the end of the day, as one of your commenters in here points out - you can't open up to the public and then paddle backwards when you aren't getting the kind of feedback you hoped for. I'm sure your 'job' has taught you that, Angela. They comes in all shapes and sizes! Here they say that you can't judge a nun by her clothing.

    Food for thought!?
    Signed - Janys ;)


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