Thursday, 20 December 2012

I Spy Half A Mince Pie…

quince tree half a pie

Thank you Sue, of the delightful Quince Tree blog, for permission to use your photograph. If you don’t know QT, do check it out, and you can find Sue’s excellent mince pie details here. But why the picture?

A Cautionary Tale.

Once I started recovering from the flu, I got back into Christmas Mode, and the other afternoon, spent a little while upstairs, pottering around sorting some things which needed to be posted. I wandered from room to room, amassing a heap of stuff on the bed. I was busy and happy and humming carols to myself.

After about 45 minutes, Bob came upstairs- he had a mug of tea in one hand and a mince pie in the other. “Here you are” he said. I thanked him and told him what I had been doing. Then I sipped some tea and had a bite of pie. This is where it started to go pear shaped…

mug...I put the mug of hot tea down on Steph’s bedside table, [the pie was still in my left hand] and picked up something in my right hand, and transferred it to the bed-heap. I had another small bite of pie.

“This is not a bad mince pie” I thought

Bob had made the mincemeat last year, Jus-Rol had provided the pastry and I’d assembled the pies the day before. I had a sip of tea.

Now things become a little hazy in my brain

A few minutes later I was in the spare bedroom, picking up some papers, when I realised I was holding neither mug nor pie. I returned to Steph’s room. The mug was standing on the only small clear area of the desk not covered by sewing stuff. But I could not find my half-mince-pie anywhere!

I called Bob “I have lost half a mince pie!!” and he came straight upstairs to assist in the search and rescue operation. But it was not anywhere. “Are you sure you did not eat it all?” “Positive!” [Bob usually eats his pies in one, at most two, mouthfuls, and cannot understand how I need at least three or four bites!]

That, my friends, was five days ago. I have continued pottering and tidying, and clearing surfaces. But the pie has yet to be revealed.

Moral Of The Story

Husband – Put the pie on a plate, or tray, before serving to wife. That way it will be easer to spot.

Wife - Stop what you are doing and eat the whole pie before continuing with other tasks. And try to be tidier. Much tidier.


  1. Oh dear - what if it's in one of the parcels - lol - "And dear Angela added half a mince pie to my gift" !! Sorry but your story is going to keep me smiling all day :)

    1. Oh crumbs! now you have me worried!

    2. I must admit, my first thought was - it's in a parcel!

      Lesley H in Livingston.

  2. Hmm, wonder who is living in your wardrobe, waiting for more mince pies!

  3. Don't worry, you should be able to sniff it out soon!!
    Jane x

  4. What on earth does she want a picture of half a mince pie for? I wondered. Now I know. Don't worry, Father Christmas will find it on Christmas Eve ;o)

  5. Hmm, did it fall into your mug? Otherwise you may have unwanted guests!


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