Friday, 14 December 2012

Ground Control To Major Tom

MRI scanner2This morning I felt like I was entering the space age…

bad news my right knee has been very painful for some months

good news my GP sent me for X-rays, and to see a consultant

bad news consultant said I needed an MRI scan

good news appointment came through quite fast

bad news I had to get up really early to drive to hospital

good news Hinckley hospitals have free car parks

bad news the metal steps into the lorry were steep, wet and slippy

good news inside the welcome was warm and friendly

scanner symphony magnetombad news I have a thing about going into tunnels and small spaces

good news I had to go in feet first, and only to the waist

bad news the machine was remarkably noisy

good news they give you headphones to wear

bad news I had to lie perfectly still for about 20 minutes

good news I was so tired that was no problem!

The machine was labelled Magnetom  and I stared at this sign for a bit, mentally humming “Ground Control To Magne-Tom” .

Then I closed my eyes and used to the time constructively to think about some friends who are much sicker than I am and to pray for them instead of focussing on my own minor discomforts.

MRIwarningThey are very thorough in checking you beforehand- no metal anywhere – so you are asked about shrapnel injuries, pacemakers, cardiac shunts, dentistry, cochlear implants, surgical clips, piercings…and instructed to wear no jewellery, and only clothing which does not contain metal [no zips, hooks and eyes, press studs]

I had to leave my glasses in the room outside, so things were slightly out of focus.

I confess it felt very strange going out in public wearing neither my bra or my wedding ring. I should get my results early in the new year.


  1. Fingers and toes crossed for the results Angela - I've never had one of those scans and hope I won't have to. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Glad to hear that you are back to earth.
    I am a dab hand at MRIs..I think the trick is eyes tight shut. Here, they let you take a CD to play. The music is piped into the's OK until the banging begins.
    I once listened to Andrea Bocelli...with an odd banging rap rhythm!
    Jane x

  3. So pleased that you have had the scan Angela, and hope that they will be able to help you with the pain.

  4. Oh, get well soon, Ang. A well-told story (as always) though! Like the sound track. Son 1 and I have both have these scans (they use them more often in France)and we hate the bit where they tell you: "Breathe. Don't breathe!" We really want to disobey!

  5. Like Floss I have had a fair share of MRI scans here. I always manage to lie very still until the moment when I'm told it's really, really important to lie still. Then the little twitch begins, or I feel really uncomfortable, or I have an itch that MUST be scratched!! Breathe. Don't breathe...what do you do if they forget to tell you to breathe again?!

  6. You were lucky to get it done so soon, so I hope it gets treatment started just as quickly. Knee pain is horrid, so disabling.

  7. Oh I hope it is ok, will pray.x

  8. Thank you everyone - I will let you know when the results come through in January!


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