Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Triangulation Station

“You can tell I have been ill” I said in my best disconsolate Eeyore voice “I haven’t done anything creative with a needle, hook or sewing machine for absolutely days!”and then I had a text from Liz on Monday morning, saying how much Jon loved last year’s bunting, and the stuff I made in 2009, and please could I make him some more? Well why not make some more for myself, and some for Steph’s new place while I am at it? I thought.



So I set to, and cut out lots of triangles. I had half a floral sheet in the stash to use for the reverse side. I cut, and sewed [and then went down the pub for a couple of hours for “Sing Christmas” with BBC Radio Leicester] and then came home and pinned the triangles onto some tape [whilst watching Nigella and the Baker Boys]

This morning I got up early and sewed the triangles to the tapes.


First year – 16 triangles per string, last year 18 [including a personalised ‘pig’] this year I got carried away – and did three strings of 24 triangles!

DSCF5071Here’s the pretty rose print sheet on the reversed side. I embroidered my initials and the date* by the first triangle. That was a simple task – all straight stitches! AA MMXII


And because I am a very geeky mother, I even sewed on some leftover school name tapes so the girls can identify which string is which! I packaged them up and took them to the Post Office at 10am. Careful packing meant they went as ‘large letter – first class’ for 90p each, and they should arrive by the end of the week. I shall expect to see them festooned round Elephant & Castle and Wimbledon when I visit.


[*putting the year on like this means that each December when I am getting out the decorations, I can exclaim things like “Good grief! do you realise I made this angel in 1987?” Not that anybody else in the family is in the least bit interested]


  1. Decorations! KNEW there was something I hadn't done yet!

  2. I will confess to having been particuarly impressed by Mr Owl's Almond name tag!


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