Thursday, 13 December 2012

Six Legs Good, Two Legs Bad…

…to misquote Eric Blair.

Driving through the village last month, we saw a skip on someone’s driveway. And beside the skip, a red chair. Bob drove past, turned the car round, then went and asked if they wanted the chair? and if not, could he have it, please? [He was in his best suit, having conducted a funeral earlier in the day…do you think they knew who he was?]

“No – we don’t want it – do you want another one to go with it?”

So we came home with two red leather dining chairs. Once unloaded into the garage we discovered why they were being discarded- each had 3 good legs and one broken leg [front, left side] BUT here’s the good bit – the front legs, left and right, were identical. So Bo dismantled one chair and used its good leg to replace the damaged one on the second chair.


And now we have a very nice chair in the back bedroom at Cornerstones. It is somewhere to sit and tie your shoelaces, or to drape your dressing gown at night…My patchwork cushion from ElizabethD is exactly the right shades to accessorize it.

Chair number two wasn’t much use after dismantling, although we now have some lengths of webbing, and two good pieces of red leather. Any suggestions? [and  I have already discounted a red leather miniskirt!]


  1. What a super find! It looks very smart. So pleased the cushion is still there!

  2. Lovely chair! If you find a use for red leather, perhaps you can tell me, as I've saved two nice pieces of black leather from a broken briefcase with absolutely no idea of what do do with them, as yet...

  3. Great find and well done to Bob for fixing it! How about a bag to go with your red boots? Or pencil cases/ purses?

  4. Would the leather leftovers make funky placemats...change purses....pencil cases...coasters...?
    Jane x

  5. AW! Why not a red leather mini skirt?

  6. Purses, bags and pencil cases do seem to be a possible way forward.
    Mags, YOU have SEEN my fat little legs - I have given up miniskirts for the moment!

  7. Why not a red leather cushion or 2 - you could put ordinary fabric on the back and use the leather as the presentation side. xx


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