Friday, 28 December 2012

Bells And Whistles


I do not usually type blog posts at 2am, but if I lay down, my cough returns, so here I am, sitting up in an armchair, swathed in blankets, with a laptop on my knees. Please do not start feeling sorry for me – the cough is getting better, and we’ve had a fabulous few days…

After a great Christmas Day with Steph, we left Leicestershire on Wednesday morning, collected Liz and Jon from J’s family in Nottinghamshire, and drove to L&J’s place in London [160+ miles] Once there, the five of us had a Christmas Meal and exchanged presents.

kewOn Thursday Bob, Steph and I went over to her new house in Wimbledon [which is fab] then all five of us spent the day in Kew Gardens – including a picnic lunch. Normally this would have cost us EIGHTY QUID in entrance fees. Liz had managed to get us the free Christmas tickets. [that’s my girl!!]

In the evening Bob and I drove to Cornerstones[115 miles], calling in briefly on Adrian and Marion on the way. So we did much travelling. Five adults with a lot of luggage was going to be a squash, even in our capacious Skoda Octavia – so we borrowed a roof box to accommodate some of the bags [thank you Richard and Rachel] We discovered that when you get to 70mph on the motorway, it WHISTLES! Furthermore, one gift has a bell on it – and when we went over bumps, the bell JINGLED!  The M11 was certainly more interesting than usual.

littlehefWe decided to stop for something to eat on the journey. We pulled in at the Barton Mills ‘Little Chef’ [the one where Prince Harry once had breakfast with a load of his army chums] It was 7.20pm, and the sign said they were open till 8 for ‘evening meals’. Once inside, we discovered that this meant we could have a hot drink and a toasted teacake, but no other food. We left!

We’re here in Norfolk for a few days break. When I unpack my camera I shall post some pictures, but now I am going to try to get to sleep. Don’t expect anything coherent for a while…


  1. Hope that cough goes away soon! I am on the downside of a cold myself - also at the extremely annoying coughing stage.

    Enjoy your break, and we'll look forward to the photos.

  2. Keep warm, keep cosy and get well soon. All the best for you and yours for the New Year.
    Love from Mum

  3. What a fun filled eventful few days.Its so nice to spend time with family isn't it. I hope your feeling better soon.xx

  4. I hope you'll shake your lurgy in all that restorative Norfolk air. We've caught your germs. Thanks very much!

  5. Have a lovely time! Do be careful of that cough though- I caught a cold just before the penultimate week of the summer term and it lasted for 6 weeks and I pulled a muscle in my rib area by violent coughing which then made it impossible for 2.5 weeks, to actually cough!x


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