Tuesday, 18 December 2012

City Centre Christmas

Some pictures I took when I was in Town Hall Square recently

A festive message from the City Council


This year their display is all about children’s storiesDSCF5028

On the left, Noddy’s Toytown


On the right, Paddington’s London


You can see the ‘real’ buildings behind


And a traditional crib in a glass case – the Best, Truest Story of all.

It was 11.30am when I took these photos – and only two other people in the square. But immediately round the corner, the shopping precinct was heaving with pedestrians.


  1. But what a gorgeous display- and how encouraging to see the Nativity right still there in the middle of it all. The Odyssey Arena here is promoting Winterfest this year. Shame.

  2. I'm glad you were in the quiet spot, Angela.

  3. I love to see 'public' nativities...they seem to be as rare as hens' teeth.
    Jane x


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